Our Philosophy

Our program is designed to promote the development of the total individual by helping each child develop skills in the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas. This is accomplished by providing a balanced program that includes both teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, quiet as well as active experiences, and the recognition that learning occurs in both formal and informal settings, especially through play.

Bella Mente Early Learning Center – Curriculum Goals:

  • Help the child develop expressive and receptive oral language

  • Help the child to become an independent thinker who is able to make choices and decisions

  • Help the child move from the need for outer authority to the control of his/her own behavior (self-discipline)

  • Help the child develop confidence in his/her ability to achieve goals through independent effort as well as teamwork

  • Help the child develop an understanding of feelings and how feelings motivate behavior

  • Help the child gain control over how feelings are expressed and learn acceptable ways of dealing with, and expressing strong feelings

  • Help the child develop the social skills needed to be successful in interpersonal relations, to function successfully in the peer group and to learn from peers

  • Help the child learn to respect, value, and have tolerance for individual, cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity

Our curriculum is based on the knowledge that young children learn through active exploration of their environment. This occurs optimally when their physical needs are met and they feel emotionally secure. Our teachers create classroom learning environments appropriate to the developmental needs of the various age groups and will provide for the needs of individual children while instilling in children a sense of security and trust.